You can’t divorce your partner even when they beat you blue and black – Omokri

Nigerian bestselling author and  former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has said that Christians must do every thing in their power to avoid divorce, even if their partners physically and/or emotionally abuse them.

The writer, who is very popular and vocal on Twitter said this, this afternoon while defending his stance against divorce.

Omokri notes that God hates divorce and as such, married people can not divorce on any other ground except their partner commits adultery. He states further that “emotional and physical abuse are only grounds for separation” and not divorce.

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A celebrity called me yesterday and was not too happy I said adultery is the ONLY ground for divorce. I stand by those words. Sometimes, even me, I struggle with the Word of God. Yet, I still ACCEPT it, because God’s Word is superior to my opinion.

Again I repeat, IF and only IF you are a Christian, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL abuse are not grounds for divorce. They are grounds for separation. The ONLY ground for divorce for a believer is ADULTERY. There is no wriggle room.

But even if your wife or husband commits adultery, you DONT have to divorce them. God HATES divorce. If you can forgive them, forgive them. After all, God has forgiven you of so much. But if you choose to divorce after adultery, it is not a sin.

Even If your wife is a WITCH you cant divorce her. If your husband is a RITUALIST, you cant divorce. Only ADULTERY is ground for divorce. But if they ABANDON you because of your faith, then by virtue of 1 Corinthians 7:15 you are free to remarry.



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