‘You people are sick in the head’ – Tonto Dikeh comes for haters over the way she is raising her son

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has taken her time to sam haters who won’t stop advising her on how to raise her kid.

The actress had shared a video of her looking through her son’s album with the caption;

Being A mother has by far been the best thing that ever happened to me and having you My baby boy(KING ANDRE DIKEH) @kingandre_dikeh has been my greatest blessing!!
I Love how much you changed me KINGY and most especially I am grateful to God for US!!
I love you KINGY

Some followers immediately started attacking her over the way she is ensuring her son’s father has no place in his life.

One of such comment read thus;

I acknowledge your love for your child but one mistake you’re making is trying to shun your son from his father, you can’t do that forever, a time will come when he will not even need your advice to see his father. Imagine this memory you made from this album you created of him and you without one memory of his father, are you saying there weren’t times when you had a nice time in that marriage? Stop hurting your son by denying him of the love of his father, if you love your son as a mother who genuinely love her son then allow his father into his life once in a while. This is from a heart who truly admire your kind of person but on this issue what you’re doing is not healthy for your child as a mother. In the spirit of the this mother’s day celebration please think about it. 🙏

Reacting to her IG page again, Tonto slammed al her haters reminding them they have no say in her life.

Read her post below;

Tonto slams haters