A third class grade doesn’t reflect your intelligence but your sufferings – Omokri

Just like Al Bashir, those who killed 347 unarmed Nigerian Shiites should also prepare to answer for War Crimes - Omokri throw jabs

Bestselling author, Reno Omokri says graduating with a third class from the university has no way of reflecting one’s intelligence.

The author said this in a tweet  on Saturday — He noted that graduating with a third class, rather than reflect one’s intelligence only magnifies one’s suffering.

He says if the person had better conditions, the grades would  have been better — urging that a third class grade, should stop anyone from excelling.

He wrote; I assure those who made a 3rd class or a Pass in a Nigerian university that your grade DOES NOT reflect your intelligence. Rather, in most cases, it is a reflection of your suffering. If you had better conditions, you’d have had better grades. Don’t let it stop you from excelling.


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