‘African celebrities are prone to STD’s’ – Ghanaian actress says

'African celebrities are prone to STD's' - Ghanaian actress says

Haillie Sumney, a Ghanaian actress is of the opinion that African actors risk contracting sexually transmitted diseases, STDs due to the way they live their lives.

According to Haillie, many African celebrities do not believe in having protected sex.

“Many African actors stand the risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV; I say this because African people can be very promiscuous and a lot of them do not believe in using condoms or using protection. They feel like they are ‘supermen’, and that HIV is not real.

“I have friends and I talk to them, especially my male friends and a lot of them say that they do not use protection because they do not like it and that is the only reason that they give. When you mention HIV, a lot of them act as if it does not exist. So I would say that a lot of them are susceptible to HIV and STDs.


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