Ali Baba shares video of how every corrupt politician in Nigeria should be treated

Ace comedian Ali Baba is of the opinion that corrupt politicians should be dealt with when nabbed stealing from the country.

Sharing the video of how New Zealand’s mosque shooter was treated on getting to prison, Ali noted that the same should be done to politicians.

The video posted showed how prisons punched the shooter to the floor upon arrival at the prison, a post, Ali Baba captioned;


”When people who were in elected office become rich overnight, and come back after they finish their terms in office, GET THIS KIND OF TREATMENT, it will teach others that they can not get away with the loot by dipping hands into the National purse. But when we celebrate them, it encourages others to buy forms in the next election, rig and buy votes… Because they know they will be enriched. And on a more serious note, the justice system is fast, reliable and credible.”



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