Amazing Story Of How A Paralyzed Nigerian Man Met His Wife

A Nigerian man who became paralyzed after a ghastly motor accident has shared an amazing story of how he met his wife whom according to him is his light in the world.

According to the man, he said he met his wife whom he addressed as ”Sozo” while receiving his cousin who came to visit him from Abuja to Zaria where he lives with his mum. He added that his cousin came with the lady and they started building a relationship which eventually led to marriage from there.

In his own word:

I met Sozo around September 2015. My cousin had just come visiting from Abuja to Zaria where I was with my mum. Apparently, my cousin Eka had come with Sozo and another friend of hers. I saw Sozo but at first, she wasn’t my kind of girl, looked annoying, had little bow legs and looked too serious. I think I still had my head up in the clouds so I didn’t see her well.