Ambode should have surpassed his predecessors, but unfortunately he got carried away by power…

Akinwunmi Ambode, governor of Lagos would have achieved more than former Lagos state governors, Babatunde Fashola and Bola Tinubu but got carried away says Wale Ogunade, a political analyst.

According to NAN, Ogunade, who is the president of Voters Awareness Initiative, said this while assessing the outgoing governor’s performance.

The political analyst accused Ambode of cutting off the people, through whom he came into power.

“In fact, Gov. Ambode should have surpassed his predecessors, but unfortunately he got carried away by power.”

“He saw power as a means of getting himself above the system and I believe the system overwhelmed him.

“He is a technocrat, and unfortunately he did not take into consideration the political structure that brought him in. And of course, as election time came, the same political structure did away with him.

“I hope that it is a lesson that no matter how good you are, you must not lose touch with the political structure or the people, because the governor at some point cut off the people.

“That was why he only had the support of the few friends he worked with and not the people.

“So, my advice to politicians is that the people must be factored into your political life, because as a president or a governor, you have to live a multidimensional life.

“You are a family man, a party man, chief security officer, head of civil service and the father of all, and you must carry everybody along because everyone matters.”

“Aside these political issues, Gov. Ambode took up quality projects. He performed well and drove infrastructural development such as construction of roads and bridges, provision of buses and bus terminals, and others.”


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