20-year-old lady shot dead by police while boyfriend hospitalized in dire condition

20 year old lady killed in ajegunle

The Nigeria Police has been accused of killing a young lady simply identified as Jessy Gold while the boy friend lies critically in dire condition after being hit by bullets from the security operatives.

According to Popular activist, Segalinks, who shared the information via his Twitter handle, the duo were returnin from a night club yesterday night when the police gave them a hot chase and opened fire on them after catching up with them.

His tweet:




  1. we are no longer save in this lawlessness and zoo country. no more respect to human life. those meant to protect us are the ones killing us and the stupid government are not doing any thing about it.

  2. This idea of Nigeria Police shooting unharmed and defenseless citizens is becoming extremely worrisome. It is time all arm bearing policemen are subjected to psychiatric test and anger management programs before they decimate all the promising youths with their trigger happy mentality.


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