Burna Boy Stylishly Warns Vlogger, Bold Pink for Calling Him Out

Burna Boy has reacted to slamming he received from Instagram Vlogger, Bold Pink for performing at Coachella.

When the list of artists performing at Coachella was released early in 2019, Burna Boy called Coachella organisers out and complained about how his name was written in small fonts.

After his performance at Coachella, Vlogger Bold Pink took to her Instagram asking why Burna Boy eventually went to Coachella in a video.

After shading Coachella, saying you won’t go to Coachella because your name was in small fonts….But you ended up going, you know you need them for your resume.

Burnaboy responded in a funny way to Bold Pink’s question saying:

Please o. If anything happens to this person. I had nothing to do with it!