College drop out attacks 4 policemen with large knife, blames marijuana

College drop out attacks 4 policemen with knife, blames marijuana

4 policemen have been attacked by a man who dropped out of college. According to reports, the said man attacked the officers with a  kitchen knife and blamed the act on him being high on Indian hemp.

The man identified as Alex Traykov, 20, an ex-student at Winchester University, had dialled the emergency line 999 to report a fight he claimed was ongoing at a house in Islington, north London, on October 6, 2018.

Yahoo News UK reports that the man then waited with a large kitchen knife, for the police to arrive.

The four officers were attacked and sustained several injuries. Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson told the court that the officers were not prepared for the “extreme violence” that they faced. After attacking 3 officers, the 4th officer was able to bring Traykov down by using a taser on him twice.

Traykov accepted he did injure the officers but insisted he never meant serious harm. He claimed to have been “high” on cannabis causing him not to think straight.

Judge Wendy Joseph QC speaking on the case said the suspect faces a“substantial” prison term.

PC Watkins, one of the policemen who had heeded the emergency call, whlei recounting the incident said; “When I attended the call that night, it was with the intention of protecting the public, I didn’t realise it would in fact be me, and my colleagues, who would be fighting for our lives at the hands of a knife-wielding 19-year-old who had lured us to the address with the intention of carrying out the attack. I have never been subjected to such a violent and determined attack in the entirety of my 16 years of service, and I hope that no other officer ever has to endure such violence.”