#EndSars: Maybe all Nigerians should have the right to bear arms – Kate Henshaw


Veteran  Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has criticised the continued harassments and brutality suffered by Nigerians at the hands of some personnel of the Special Anti-robbery Squad, SARS.

Nigerians were able to heave a sigh of relief after vice president Yemi Osinbajo, called for an immediate disbandment of the group – With hopes that it would be the end of their excesses in the streets of the country.

However with a recent activity of some members of the group, it is safe to say that the dark days of SARS are back.

On Sunday, Kolade Johnson, a handsome young man in his prime, was brutally killed by a member of the anti-cultism department of the group, when they raided his area(Mangoro,Lagos), in search of young men with dreadlocks or dressed in the hip hop style fashion.

Johnson was said have just finished watching a football match and was just leaving the venue, when he met his untimely end.

In her reaction, the Nollywood actress says maybe Nigerians should be given the right to also beat arms, following meaningless killings of either a commercial driver of a youth by the police or men of SARS.

Maybe we all need the right to bear arms in this country….
If it’s not a driver getting bloodied by some policeman cos of N100 naira, it will be the life of an innocent youth cut short by SARS!!, she wrote.


  1. This country Nigeria is really getting out of country. Is like a sheep that don’t have Shepard. PMB is the weakest president ever in the history of Nigeria. Endsars now and fish out those stupid bastard out they must not go unpunished . let’s joins hands and fight.


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