Finally! Omokri sees something good in Buhari, commends him

Finally!!! Omokri sees something good in Buhari, commends him

Since President Muhammadu Buhari came into office in 2015, Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan has availed himself as the official “tormenter” of the president and his government.

Omokri has remained unshakable in his resolve to criticise everything the present administration does.

However, in what may be regarded as the first of its kind, Omokri commended Buhari for signing the new minimum wage into law.

Buhari had a day ago signed the new minimum wage into law, to the pleasure of both supporters and critics.

Omokri in his reaction wrote: I commend President Buhari for signing the Minimum Wage Repeal and Reenactment Bill into law. He had no need to do it, since the elections are over (but the court case is NOT), but he did it all the same. That is an act of good leadership on his part and I appreciate him for it.

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