Gameshow Review: The Dating Game Nigeria show

The Airtel Dating Game Show was yesterday at 9 pm on Ebony Life TV and as expected it didn’t disappoint.

So yesterday’s show was a tad more interesting because of the set of contestants that were featured.

So the contestants yesterday looked like they knew exactly why they were there and did their best to impress the one picking in order to get the chance.

One contestant that particularly impressed me was Angel, maybe because of his background in showbiz. He knew exactly what words to use to catch both the audience and the lady picking. You could tell from his responses, that he’s a lively person and people like lively people.

And even before she finally picked him, we were almost 100% sure he’d be the one.

Some of the other contestants were slightly laid back in their responses and made the ride too easy for the winner.

Contestants should know that the person picking can’t tell who they are by their looks, so the only way to sell yourself is with words.

I particularly liked how Juliet made her questions about the core values that could make or mar any relationship. So their responses definitely made picking an easy job for her.

It might have been just a show, but we can’t rule out the fact that it was highly educating and funny.

From their responses, one would learn a few dos and don’ts of dating.

I really enjoyed watching the show and can’t wait for next Sunday.

You can also be part of some couple’s love story from the comfort of your home by watching ‘Dating Game Nigeria’ showing on EbonyLife TV on DSTV channel 165 and StarTimes on channels 189 & 191, Sundays at 9 pm.

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