‘God is not with Pastor Adeboye and his son – Daddy Freeze

Controversial media personality Daddy Freeze is of the opinion that God is not with the G.O of RCCG, Pastor Adeboye.

Freeze made this known while reacting to the story of a young lady who had reached out to Adeboye’s son following the death of her brother.

The pastor’s son had asked that the woman use an anointing oil and handkerchief to wipe the corpse, then take the corpse to the alter adding that if God wants the young man alive, he will be resurrected in one hour.

Reacting to this story, Freeze slammed the pastor and his son.

He wrote;


May his soul Rest In Peace…. Adeboye, his son or their altar have no power to resurrect and I’m of the firm opinion that God isn’t with them. ~FRZ


  1. Yes , That is the best and spiritual answer that is expected from a servant of God….

    or do you want him to say rise up and walk ?

  2. Bros, Mr, uncle daddy freeze, they are HUMAN BEINGS, they are not GOD, only GOD had the final say, if GOD wants the boy alive, so be it, if GOD doesn’t want, so be it. Pastor Leke did not create the boy, so he has no say over the boy’s life, only the GOD has the final say over the life of anyone, not PASTORS sir, and if GOD wants the boy alive, then so be it.

  3. It is so Obvious you are sick. what is wrong in what the pastor said? When Jesus was on Earth, was it all sick he healed? Was it all dead he rose?
    When Daddy Kumuyi lost his wife sometimes ago, does that make me less a man of God? God has used him to perform several miracles, yet God did not wake up his wife and she was buried. Or do you think he wouldn’t have wished the wife could come back to life, That is to tell you that nothing can be done except it comes from God. God is a Miracle worker and not a magician.

  4. Pls, let us ignore this man, daddy frizz, he wants attention. What does it matter what he says. When he is fed up, he will keep quiet. Has the man of God ever responded to him. Don’t stress yourself about him.


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