“Never trade words with an inconsequential political relic smarting from irrelevance and low self-esteem” Segalink comes for Ezekwesili

When weak men strike at women for using their Voice they do great damage to society. You cannot “project” you want a decent society & then manufacture slut-shaming against a woman whose Voice disagrees with your “Politics”. Integrity is not complete until it is consistent.

Just a few years ago, because of our BBOG advocacy, a young man manufactured the most offensive filth & kept hurling at me, accusing me of the IMPOSSIBLE. Yet, today I saw the same young man showing faux outrage that one of his kind threw Vulgarity at yet another woman.

She said Segalink is being hailed for lambasting Bashir Ahmad, who attacked the Nollywood actress who spoke against Buhari and VP Yemi Osinbajo.

A crowd is hailing you on but you know in the deep recesses of your heart that you are a congenital liar who acted dishonorably when you hurled malicious lies & vulgarity at me for no reason but BBOG Campaign right here on Twitter. Same behavior we all condemn today.

Segalink had tweeted thus: A simple analysis of those hurling invectives at Omotola would reveal a village of e-almajiris buried beneath the chasms of poverty, the wretched souls living under half a dollar a day, as gleaned from the clutches of their malicious paymasters while playing house niggas. #Shame

However in his response to the former minister’s statement said he would trade words with Ezekwesili, who described as an “inconsequential political relic.”

Segalink responds

Never trade words with an inconsequential political relic smarting from irrelevance and low self-esteem. When your work speaks for itself people will always want a piece of you. I won’t be tricked into your narcissistic chasm. Go tweet at someone else in capital letters!


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