Nigerians query former minister over “irresponsible” statement

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister of Aviation has come under fire for “trying” to pitch Southerners against Northern.

Fani-Kayode had revealed on Saturday that in Nigeria’s history, only two judges have been removed from office, and they are Southerners.

Many accused Fani-Kayode of playing the tribal game, which has divided Nigerians for a long time.

First was Justice Taslim Elias who was removed by the late military head of state, Murtala Mohammed and recently removed Justice Walter Onnoghen – both removed by northern leaders.

What he wrote

In Nigeria, only two CJN’s have been removed from office. They are both southerners and they were both removed by northerners. The first was Justice Taslim Elias who was removed by Murtala Mohammed and the second is Justice Onnoghen who was removed by Muhammadu Buhari

A few reactions

@mescosha wrote: There are 2 people who the Administration of Buhari have refused to grant bail – Dasuki and El zakzaky, they are both Muslims and from the core North. This ethno-religious card is no longer working, try another strategy.

@dsulymans wrote: With all due respect sir, this shows how biased and unprofessional you are, something like this coming out from a leader, please stop dividing our people if you can just pin the blame on the person only, not based on religious or geographical location.

@GodmanOga: Thank you Sir, but we’d rather not pitch the”Southerner against the Northerner”: we’re all Nigerians.
God bless Nigeria!!


  • I am now getting pleased that some of us are now putting this frustrated politician where he belongs. He had all the while been trying to cause problem in this country with reckless vituperations. Let’s tell him we are more wiser than all he had been trying since. Thank you all.

  • Femi Fani Kayode has always been empty bereft of political relevance and always displaying his ethno religious bigotry in an attempt to distract the attetion of Nigerians from the fact that he is facing criminal charges hinged on stealing public funds. By turning into a rouge or street vagabond cannot help the situation.

  • As a member of comment readers association, am here to read.
    But always make you comments brief so we can enter another

  • Please, if I may ask, who is pitching the north against the south? the one who acts North/South division or the one who talks about the divisive action? Hypocrites! Only the truth shall set us free! God bless Nigeria.

  • Femi Fani Kayode, is one of the Nigerian radicals, Nigerians should know that very well and everyone knows radical persons are not responsible people anywhere in the world.
    The only he need from the federal government, is the federal government to deal with him in a radical way he is. Thank you.

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