‘I will rather date a monkey than a man’ – Young lady poses with her monkey lover

Nigerian lady and her monkey lover

A young lady is currently trending online following her stance on men who cheat.

According to the young lady, she would rather date a monkey who would remain loyal to her than a man who finds every opportunity to cheat.

Sharing a photo of her and her monkey, the lady wrote;

I will rather dae a monkey tha  a man because monkey will never cheat on me no broken  of heart it also satisy me in bed



  1. I want you to know that, all fingers are not equal, you don’t expect all man to be equal, you don’t expect all man to have the same thought, men think differently, now that a man cheated on you that supposed not to change your action, that supposed not to change your attitude, I can say she has low mentality that’s why she said that, I want you to know that every day is for the side chick and one day is for the main chick, what I’m trying to say it that, dating a monkey is not the next thing, the next thing is to take a good step, the good step im talking about, is to find another guy or man to date, reasonable one to date.

  2. Is that lady forced to date anyone,can’t she abstain once and for all,dating a monkey is the highest form of madness.i would like her to get help before it’s too late.psychologists are there to help her.

  3. Poor woman. She sounds like the WWII women who were promised riches if they accomplished their espionage demands. Either way the monkey gets to screw. Poor, poor monkey!


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