‘I will sue whomever writes anything negative about my child’ – Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson has warned bloggers and writers against writing anything negative about her daughter, Ryn Roberts.

The Ghanaian actress who welcomed the little girl in 2018 with partner Jamie Roberts sad she is used to bad stuff being written about her but no one should dare do that to her child.

“People wish bad for me and that is what I don’t understand. People are so interested in the negative stuff I am used to the stories but my worry is why they are interested in the negativity.

“You know people are wicked. Even if they hear the good things, they don’t want to believe it, they won’t write about the good things. As I have given birth, I have realized that people want to direct their issues to the child, who hasn’t done anything to them. I am used to that but sometimes it gets too much”, Yvonne Nelson said.

She added:

“She hasn’t done anything to anyone, she is an innocent child. So, as for that one, if you say anything bad, I can get offended but with me, I understand because of my work it comes with the job.

“But now, I if the child issue comes in, I will let my lawyer call you. If you know someone who used to talk about me and the person has stopped, it means my lawyer has called that person. I will make sure that I sue. And so if you don’t fear to sue, go ahead and peddle falsehood one day, you will fall into the trap”.


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