Reasons why catch phrase ‘If we nor get money wetin we gain’ – Emma Ugolee

Media personality, Emmanuel Ugolee, is of the opinion that the catchphrase ”if we no make money wetin we gain” has major negative implications.

Read his piece below;

”This is one of, if not the most popular catch phrase among Nigerian youths at the moment.
From a distance could pass for an inspirational or aspirational quest to break free from poverty but at the slightest zoom in, you would realize that this is first, a call to pursue material things by all means neccessary. This includes a blind eye to morals and a dead conscience to consequences as the end would justify the means.
Secondly, this saying also paints a false clear picture that there really isn’t any other cause worth living for if stacking the cash is out of the picture in life. Straight up blatant lie.
On both counts both arguments fall woefully on their faces juxtaposed against what life has thought us about material wealth and indeed what true religion says about getting rich as ones primary focus in life. Calling this kind of love for it the root of evil, causing many stabs on onesself and even ultimately asking on the contrary “What does it gain a man to profit the whole world and loose your soul?”
Have you noticed how the most popular quotes in the world about money not being all there is to life comes from the richest men in the world. Money would seem to be all that you need till you have all of it and realize that the best things in life are still free and that money can give a house but no home and a bed but no sleep. This should tell you all you need to know about making an endless stash priority.
No one is refuting hardwork and it’s deserved proceeds but everything is wrong with making such a phrase so mainstream to the detriment of a balanced view of material possessions.
Remember Pauloo would not tell you he is living in bondage until you get in trying to make it at all cost.
Emma Ugolee


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