Igbos have suffered more than any tribe in Nigeria – Fani Kayode

'Atiku a Cameroonian': Statements like this makes it easy to believe that Nigeria is a 'zoo'

Femi Fani-Kayode, a former Nigerian minister of aviation has alleged that the Igbo ethnic group, has suffered the most “humiliation, genocide and persecution” of all the ethnic groups in the country.

The former aviation minister said this in a tweet on Friday evening.

According to the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) said although the Igbos have suffered the most, they have “refused to bow, tremble, surrender or abandon their culture”.

Fani-Kayode hailed the resilience or the Igbos for staying true to their identity, heritage and faith.

No tribe in Nigeria has been subjected to as much vilification, humiliation, persecution and genocide as the Igbo. Other tribes have suffered as well but unlike them the Igbos have refused to bow, tremble and surrender or abandon their culture, identity, heritage and faith, he wrote.


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