Igbos will miss out on key positions during Buhari’s second term – Okorocha

Governor Okorocha, revealed this while addressing journalist in Imo before departing for Abuja. He also pointed out that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, was full of controversies.

“So long as the South-East region did not vote for Buhari, they should expect nothing from Buhari second tenure,” he said.

Okorocha expressed that he was a lone voice in the wilderness of South-East zone telling them to vote APC but they refused to listen.

Okorocha said they rather, decided to give their support to Atiku of the PDP because of their son, Peter Obi, thinking that PDP will win but the story is now different.

According to him, 2023 presidency will not come to south-east zone because the people of the zone worked against Buhari, “while some principal offices will seize to come to the Zone because of their kind of politics of hatred and pull-him down syndrome.”

He also expressed gratitude to the people of Imo for their support to him in the past eight years of his administration.

Okorocha also warned that APC would cease to exist after 2019 if the party continues to operate the way it does.

He alleged that the party was being misled by its National Chairman Adams Oshiomhole who he alleged “is piloting the affairs of the party with impunity, envy, greed and arrogance”

Governor Okorocha disclosed that impunity by the Oshiomhole administration was becoming an aberration to the expectations of Nigerians before its emergence as a ruling party.

Stating that the activities of Oshiomhole and his conduct led to what the party is suffering today, Okorocha told the party officials and President Buhari to try and stop the ugly trend of the National chairman.

He stressed further that the situation now in the party did not need what the party chairman is doing, else, it will lead to total collapse in the nearest future.

In the same vein, he announced that the Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo Ohaji has now been converted to Imo State University of Agriculture Umuagwo Ohaji.

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Okorocha recounted the numerous achievements in his eight years in office and scored himself high on education and advised the incoming government in the state not to undermine the impact of education in the life of the people and its environs.

“Education is important and must be taken seriously by Governor who may succeed me in the nearest time to come because whatever Imo is today was made by me’.

“And I know Emeka Ihedioha did not win Uche Nwosu in the past election and there must be a rerun in the election because Ihedioha is just wasting his time.

“PDP think they have won, it is not possible and court will determine the outcome and call for a rerun that will give Uche Nwosu my son-in-law victory and mandate to continue from where I stopped in other to sustain my achievements”, he said.


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