‘Keep your horrible opinion to yourself’ – Ini Edo slams fan

'Keep your horrible opinion to yourself - Ini Edo slams fan

Nigerian actress, Ini Edo will not be bullied and she has made this clear with her response to a fan.

The actress had shared a photo of herself rocking a lilac dress with matching shoes but the fan had issues with her choice of footwear.

The fan wrote;


“Sorry girl you’re my favorite Nigerian actress, but that shoes is horrible choice”

Ini responded saying;

“Keep your horrible opinion to yourself or better still, kindly scroll past.”

The fan, of course, replied the actress saying;

“I’m so glad you clap back girl, you always dress well I love what you wear with beautiful body but sometimes as celebrity take a little criticism is not gonna kill you, don’t lower your standard to people on social media because your bigger than that… Have a bless day!”


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