Man recounts his experience with his girlfriend’s real boyfriend

Man recounts his experience with his girlfriend's real boyfriend

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to recount his experience with the main boyfriend of his girlfriend.

According to the Twitter user, the man called him up and begged that he leaves his woman alone.

Read his post below;

A lady I’ve been dating for a month now has a fiance and I didn’t even know..he just called me threatening my life..told him not to worry,its over,life na one oo..The nigga cried while talking to me..he’s in love with this girl to still want to continue with the sad

She was so perfect…no trace of any kind…like I am in total shock

Its upto him to decide that…right now his head is clouded with emotions for you to call a guy your fiancee is cheating on you with…I feel so bad for him and myself as well..

Omo…the guy just dey cry like woman…that kyn person fit kill. After he threatened me..he started crying begging me to please leave her…


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