Man threatens Kadaria Ahmed for converting from Islam to Christianity

Man threatens Kadaria Ahmed for converting from Islam to Christianity

A man has threatened Kadaria Ahmed, a Nice journalist for converting to Christianity from Islam.

Kadaria who had kicked off a career in journalism at BBC in London, had led a protest against the mass killings and kidnappings in Zamfara state to the presidential villa, Abuja.

However, a fanatic, who was “disgusted” by Kadaria’s description of herself as a “passionate Zamfara citizen”, said she was supposed to have been killed because she converted.

The man simply identified as @cardinalabdul made the threat via Twitter, shortly after the #MarchforZamfara.

He wrote;



  • if God is an unseen Creator & Holy Diety dey dat should worship Him,should do it in truth & in spirit not in lies & in flesh.

  • amb what is your problem with serious ones religious status,dont be so careless with your speech condemning Gods anoited b4 God will punish u

  • That Ambassador has an omission in understanding. I think needs counselling in what personal choice to faith(belief) is.

  • Fool, it is only in Nigeria that you have effontry to utter such statement. You should have tried sating that in other well civilized society and see if you won’t be sentenced to jail. Idiot.

  • The God that created us know our want, if she decided to practice Christianity we should pray for her, you can’t fight for God, leave her alone

  • The issue of faith is personal, and no one has the right to force others to worship in a religion. I believe that all those who threaten others to make them worship their god have a limited god. I pray that all enemy of the cross will come to trust in Christ Jesus for their salvation.

  • what is the secret things that being practice in Islam that when some body discover light it’s become problem.Are they really worship the rightful God?

  • Mr Man what ever your name is, just wanna let you know that I hate Islam with black hatred if that is what it teaches who the hell do you guys think you are to condemn a woman who is saved by Jesus Christ

  • this kind of threat makes me to be more careful with their religion.

    its like they are not self confident of their religion, especially if one of them leave.

    moreover, killing fellow man because of religion suggests what kind of god is in question

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