‘Most first class graduates from UNILAG can not defend it’ – Lecturer

A Nigerian teacher Sam Amadi, has taken to Twitter to state his thoughts about most first class graduates from the University of Lagos. According to the lecturer, most of the students who snagged a first class degree will not be able to defend it should they be asked to.

He tweeted;

I am a university teacher and I am watching on TV as Unilag graduates 300 first class graduate. Horrible. I can swear that these graduates can not justify first class. Nigerian University education has become shit.

In the past all Nigerian renowned literary giants were university teachers. Today I can’t point to one university teacher who is a great global writer. Our best are either in diaspora or in media or NGOs. The university has failed in Nigeria. Our future is failing

His tweet got many reactions as a couple of people wasted no time in slamming him.

@ovieali – These students will go US and UK, and become the best in those schools also. I’m sure some of those 300 UNILAG graduates are more knowledgable than you in some fields.

@viva_mazcot – This is one of the reasons why lecturers in higher institutions slash scores of students because they believe students can’t or shouldn’t make a First Class under the deteriorating Nigerian education system. It’s a wicked thought, sir. Dismiss it!

@ProfMosun – We seem to forget that the University is a place for research and not just copy and paste from lecturers. Those students work hard on their own. Don’t dismiss their efforts.

@bayoomidiora – Wrong! FYI, check these brilliant students out in fews years time and won’t see some of them in Nigeria again. They will all be doing brilliantly well in their MS or PhD programs abroad. BTW, how many of them did you employ as interns while you oversaw @NERC !? Sucess is success!

@truth_about_nig – But note that the problem is our curriculum not the country.The IQ of the present generation is now above what the curriculum requires from them.We need upgrade in our curriculum, technology has made these kid wiser than their age.Our lectures repeat old questions over and over


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