Nigerians react as girl who attended one of the most expensive schools in Nigeria, ends up as a prostitute and drug addict

Video: Watch the emotional video of a teenager cocaine addict prostitutes to feed her addiction

A young Nigerian woman, Lizzy(26) has drawn the attention of social media, after a video of her was post on Pastor Tony Rapu’s page.

Lizzy, apparently from a well-to-do home, judging by her primary(Caleb) and secondary school(Vivian Fowler) background was on the brink of self-destruction – before help came through the humanitarian pastor.

Mr Rapu who picks up drug addicts from the streets and help them overcome their addiction has shared the story of Lizzy, a beggar at the day and a prostitute at night — who does these things, just to raise money to fuel her heroin addiction — which she got into through an ex-boyfriend.

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Many Nigerians have found it hard to wrap their heads around how a girl from an obviously wealthy home, ended up on the street as a prostitute and a drug addict. Where are her parents, did they ever try to help her, who’s to be blamed? — These are the many questions, Nigerians are asking.

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