Oops! Miss Bolivia stripped off her crown simply for doing this

Oops! Miss Bolivia stripped off her crown simply because she did this

New report reveals that Joyce Prado, 22, has been stripped off of her Miss Bolivia Universe title over a ‘breach of contract.’ According to reports, Prado is pregnant.

The beauty queen, who won the Miss Bolivia Universe crown in 2018, was dethroned after it came out that she is two months pregnant.

Prado confirmed that she and partner Rodrigo Giménez, a Paraguayan model, are pregnant and will be tying the knot soon.

‘Yes, we are going to have a baby, we have the support of our families, we are both happy, I love Rodrigo and this news has brought us closer together.

‘We do not have a wedding date, but hopefully, it will be soon, we will take it easy we have the support of our families.’

The modelling agency, Promotions Gloria, who for years have produced Miss Bolivia reacting to the news in a statement said;

‘The reasons [for Prado being stripped of her title] are strictly related to the breach of contract, leaving on record that we maintain cordial relations in a field of mutual understanding, safeguarding the confidentiality clause.’

Prado, who is in fact overjoyed about her bundle of joy,  posted a photo of herself and her partner with a top she bought for their child.


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