Photo: Tiwa Savage finally responds to Victoria Kimani???

Tiwa Savage definitely knows how to speak without using words, and pass the message exactly  how it should be.

Just some days ago, the “Emi na do” singer was accused of “selling p*ssy” and blocking other fans, from making a headway in the music industry by Kenyan musician, Victoria Kimani.

Everyone or at least, almost everyone expected Tiwa to drop some savage replies but she had another way to handle the crisis.

First, she caps a new whip to the pleasure of her fans and envy of her haters, and now she drops a new photo of her extremely gorgeous self — Hate or love her, Tiwa Savage is still one of the Queens in the music scene in Nigeria.

Just to pepper them more, the singer shares photo below


  1. all these ladys sef you know sometimes i wonder what you girls are looking for? is it money, is it fame? you all have it why then are you misbehaving? am a young pretty lady like you girls and i will definitely not pull all this kind of stunts, tueh…


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