Prince William cheated on Kate Middleton?

The internet s abuzz with the news of Prince Wiliam cheating on his wife Kate Middleton with her former friend and socialite Rose Hanbury, a socialite who, until recently, was a close friend of Kate Middleton.

According to reports, Rose use to occupy the upper echelons of Norfolk high society until her issue with friend Kate Middleton which caused her to be avoided by many.

Before Rose fell out with Kate, the former and her husband were William and Kate’s favourite double date friends.

 In Touch Weekly, spoke with an insider who claimed to have direct knowledge of William’s infidelity.

According to the source, William has gotten in touch with several journalists with the aim of covering the scandal.

“The royals rarely let the press ruffle them and much worse stories have been written about them.”

“So many royal watchers have speculated that their reaction means something is up.”

“There are rumors that William had an affair and could have cheated on Kate while she was pregnant,” he says.

The source also revealed that rumours started months before Kate birthed their third child, Prince Louis, which was back in 2018.

“It’s not surprising the rumors about William and Rose finally leaked to the public – something as big as this can’t be kept a secret forever,” says the insider, adding that the whole ordeal is “Kate’s worst nightmare.”

The source also added that Kate was nonetheless “humiliated” when she “was told William has carried a torch for Rose for years.”

“He’s raised eyebrows with his comments about her grace and beauty and even confided to pals that she was ‘the one who got away,’” he adds.

“Kate immediately confronted him, demanding to know the truth about his relationship with Rose but he just laughed it off, saying there was nothing to it.

“Kate is suspicious when she thinks about him flirting with Rose, and envious.”

The Queen is said to have also spoken to the couple, separately on the brimming scandal.



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