Reason Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim broke up has been revealed!

Last year celebrity couple Iceberg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim ended their relationship causing so many people to wonder what may have gone wrong.

While Juliet went n to claim Iceberg is a narcissist while confirming the end of their relationship, Iceberg kept mute.

However, according to the blogger The Phenomenal Girl, the reason the couple ended things was due to Iceberg cheating on Juliet.

Read the report by the blogger below;

So these two former lovebirds trended on Instagram that year, their love was one in town, they no dey waste time to dey flaunt their romantic moments at any given opportunity, their PDA was one in town.

So around April last year after hanty actress birthday in March, FBIs noticed that hanty haf yanked off all hunku musicians pictures and anything related to their love story from her page. When bloggers and concerned fans started alleging that hanty actress and hunku musician relationship haf hit the rock, hanty actress deny am say na lie.

Fast forward to November last year, hanty and hunku begin throw shades and subs upandan about narcissism and kiniko kiniko, that was when we grab what’s up say the love don sour like Egusi soup.

So naim I just dey hear the main reason of the breakup. Like for real? Hunku how can you save your wifey name on your phone with grandma? Ahh who does that ni? Can’t you learn from Davido and the rest? Ahh hunku ehh, your name really represent you oo, you no get chill. Upon say hanty dey give you pure Love just like her namesake give Romeo for Shakespeare novel, you still chop her money, use am trend because nobody bin know you if not for our darling actress🙄 E no good oo.

The thing be say hunku no initially save hanty name with grandma but him get another oyibo babe wey him get for abroad, apparently, that oyibo babe no sabi our actress. So anytime him go back to him base, him go change the name to grandma. So village people catch am that day, him forget to change the name and hanty jam am for him phone. We bin hear say na because him cheat on hanty with him ex but na lie.

I don go biko. Don’t say I told you oo. Na as breeze carry am enter my ear I take drop am. E fit still be lie. Some of these men no get joy🏃🏃 ”


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