Saraki meets our beloved @Nass from Qatar

Senate president, Bukola Saraki says he met with Nasser Al-Saadi (@NASS), an Al Jazeera Executive, who has become quite loved by many Nigerians on Twitter.

According to Saraki, he met the Al Jazeera Executive “on the sidelines of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), holding in Doha, Qatar. ”

@Nass first caught the attention of Nigerians on Twitter when he begged them to stop mentioning him whenever they intended to mention Nigeria’s National Assembly on Twitter.

Some Nigerians would mistakenly mention @Nass, the Al Jazeera executive when trying to pass a message to the country’s legislature but the message ends up going to an ‘innocent’ man in Qatar — because of the similarity in handles, “@Nass” for the Al Jazeera executive and “@NassNigeria” for National Assembly (NASS).

This marked the beginning of a good relationship between Nigerians on Twitter and @Nass – while @Nasd would fail to wish Nigeria well during a football game or elections, Nigerians have also advocated for all sort of Nigerian names for Nasser All -Saadi.

Bukola Saraki meeting him will definitely earn him some scores from Nigerians, who have been looking for how to give @Nass a “Nigerian citizenship”.

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