Tears And Pain As Social Media Reacts To Death Of Kolade Johnson

There was palpable calm in Onipetesi area of Lagos state yesterday night following the death of a young man named Kolade Johnson who was allegedly murdered after being hit by a stray bullet from men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad(SARS).

The young man was said to have gone to a viewing centre to see the football match between Liverpool and Tottenham before meeting his untimely death. Consequently, this has got Nigerians calling on the government to put an end to the excesses of this power drunken Sars operatives.




  1. IG and federal government should help us from this killing of innocent Nigerians youth from SARS….. this is getting too Mush on us

  2. very painful.may the Almighty God console ur family members. and may he continue keep our going out and coming in from all kinds of evil.

  3. They suppose to go where they’re kidnapping people every day. Search for those bad guy’s that are looking Ransome for there captive.
    Not where people are leaving peacefully. We need government intervention. This government suppose to do something.

  4. The Nigerian government is dead, the president lazy, police don’t know the code of their job, Sars full of criminal and Curtis members, what does this want? It’s high time we the youth of this country stand against political triberlistical government forces. Let’s legalise guns in the street, in the church, in the school, in the market places. This is too much. Sars again. God forbid this government.

  5. am ashamed of our goverment.SARs are not doing there job they should go we need them no more,they have drived away souls MR.President do something before we do!!


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