Uber Driver Calls Lady He Helped an Ungrateful Person

A Twitter user who drives Uber, identified as @that Uber guy has narrated the ordeal he went through helping a lady he carried.

The Uber driver explained how he returned a lady’s N25,000 and her International passport that has an American Visa after she forgot her purse in his car.

He explained that after returning the purse, the lady gave him N500 as tip. This elicited a sad reaction from the driver and he called the lady an ungrateful person.

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Sharing a photo of the woman’s purse with her money and international passport in it, he wrote:

Today a lady forgot her purse in my car, there was N25,000 and an international passport that had an American visa in it. I drove back to her house to return it and she gave me a N500 tip. Some people are just so ungrateful.”