Woman’s self-written obituary trends after her death

Viral!!! Woman's self-written obituary trends after her death

A 35-year-old woman’s self-written obituary is currently trending online.

The woman whose name has been given as Jean Matheson died earlier this month from cancer after spending the last moments of her life living it the way she felt best to do.

Diagnosed with cancer two years ago, Jean decided against chemotherapy and according to Fox news, she lived it the best way she knew it to be before death came calling.

Matheson in her obituary advised people to not “take the small stuff so seriously and live a little.” She thanked her parents for “letting me live the rest of my life the way I believed it should be.”

“I know how hard that must have been watching me stop treatment and letting nature take its course,” she wrote. “I love you both even more for this.”

To her friends she wrote;

“I never thought I could love my friends more than I did but going through this and having your unconditional love and support you have made something that is normally so hard, more bearable and peaceful,” she said.

To her boyfriend, she wrote;

“To my Brent. You had no idea what you were getting yourself into when you swiped right that day.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better man to be by my side for all the adventures, appointments, laughs, cries and breakdowns,” she said. “You are an amazing person and anyone in your life is so fortunate to know you. I love you beyond words.”

Julie Carrigan, friend to the deceased told NBC News’ TODAY why her friend wrote her own obituary saying, “She said, ‘I don’t want it to sound like a normal, boring obituary. I want it to be a message to everybody I loved.’”

“35 years may not seem long, but damn it was good!”