Why I Hate Being Addressed As Tuface’s Wife

Why I Hate Being Addressed As Tuface's Wife

Annie Idibia Macaulay, the wife of legendary Nigerian singer, Tuface Idibia, has revealed that she hates being addressed as ”Tuface Wife” because she wants to identify and differentiate her success as Annie Idibia the hard working woman rather than Annie Idibiaa, the wife of Tuface Idibia.

She made this known during an interview which was aired by Trybes TV.

Her words:

“I took a break from my career because after I got married, I got pregnant so I had a baby and had to get used to the new life. I think I did not do any movie for about three years. Being addressed as Tubaba’s wife instead of Annie the actress has been a problem that I have been trying to work on for a long time.

“I want to believe that I have successfully been able to identify and differentiate my brand as Annie Idibia the actress/career woman and Annie Idibia the wife/mother. I prefer being addressed as Annie and not Tubaba’s wife. I hate this because I am my own person and have worked hard to build my career and brand. I should be identified and respected on that basis.”


  1. If u re not happy been called 2face’s wife den why do you get married to him? Since you prefer ur carrier to ur husband’s name.


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