Why Yahoo Boys Are The Real ‘Mumus’ – Seun Kuti

Why Yahoo Boys Are The Real ''Mumus'' - Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti, Son of late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, has said internet scammers ”Yahoo boys” are even more stupid than the white people they dupe. According to Seun who spoke through his Instagram page, he said Yahoo boys would make money and still use it to buy expensive white man things.

He added that if they were concentrating on building their communities from their proceeds instead of buying white man things, he might have a rethink about them. Do you agree with him???

His post:


  1. This is very bad of you Mr Seun how could you make a statement that Yahoo boys are mugus… This same people you called mugus are the same people who patronize your family Africa shrine
    This is very bad of you I guess you should take back that statement

  2. Thanks Seun. you just hit the nail on the head. they buy a very expensive car only to sell it in another two months when they cannot afford to fuel or maintenance.
    Stupid fools

  3. IS it ur business if they procure/buy the white man products,where are our leaders /politicians banking our funds they stole,is it not abroad?.Shut ur dirty mouth if u dont have reasonable things to say.Frivolous post

  4. Is it your business if they purchase/buy white men’s product,where are our leaders and so called bad governors banking our fund they embezzled,is it not abroad?.Shut ur dirty mouth if u don’t know what to say/post,u are such a FRIVOLOUS monkey

  5. Alaye seun kuti me I don’t see the reason why you can still call us mumu oo because your father wey be fela self na mugu if not there will be no smoking of weed in Nigeria even you mumu tell me that your trumpet shey na Nigeria build ham?


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