You can mislead Buhari, but not us – Omokri fires shots at Keyamo

You can mislead Buhari, but not us - Omokri fires shots at Keyamo

Self styled “tormenter” of President Muhammadu Buhari, Reno Omokri has called out the spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress(APC) presidential campaign organization, Festus Keyamo for trying to mislead Nigerians.

Keyamo while defending his statement that possessing the west African Examination Council, WAEC certificate is not a requirement to run for office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria — said there’s no educational requirement whatsoever to run for presidency in countries like the US, Germany and France.

Even the U.S, Germany & France have NO educational requirement for the office of President. These are HARD FACTS, not my personal view. We need to read the proceedings of the making of these Constitutions to know why they left it that way so our conversations may be more informed, he wrote.

Omokri in his response via a tweet on Thursday evening, said Keyamo can’t mislead Nigerians, the way he misleads President Buhari — As education is mandatory for all US citizens.

Dear Keyamo,

This is FALSE. In the US education is MANDATORY for US CITIZENS from kindergarten to High School. The US Constitution provides that ONLY US CITIZENS can be President. You can mislead Buhari, not Nigerians



  1. One thing is that an excuse on one certain things,can help,once you are already on that position,I don’t have time to ask Mr President about that kind of issue,Owokole instead,talks some bad things that is happening in the country,encouraged Mr President to do the right thing,not monitoring him,u can only questions Mr President,about Ram,Cow,Rat,Ant,cockroach,Rabbit ,Big Snake and small snake,they are side by side.


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