“Zamfara saw help but rejected it on February 23” – Former presidential aide

Just a few days ago, Nigerians from various parts of the country, came together to protest the incessant killings and kidnappings of compatriots in Zamfara. The protest was led by some popular Nigerians like Kadaria Ahmed to the presidential villa, Abuja – demanding an end to the ceaseless bloodletting.

They lamented that the situation in Zamfara has deteriorated badly, leaving citizens helpless and hopeless.

However, there are some Nigerians who have said that the people of Zamfara shouldn’t be pitied because they brought their own woes upon themselves, having reelected President Muhammadu Buhari, when then should have voted massively against him.

Nigerian author who is popular for dissecting national matters on social media, Reno Omokri says though he sympathises with  the victims of the Zamfara killings and kidnappings, he blames them for rejecting help on February 23rd.

I sympathise with Zamfara over killings that are now part of daily life there. But Zamfara’s woes are somewhat self inflicted. For 4 years, Buhari was unable to help them, yet they reelected him and are now crying for help. Zamfara saw help but rejected it on February 23, 2019, he wrote.


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