#ZamfaraKillings: Why you shouldn’t blame the governor but Buhari – Omokri

Former president Goodluck Jonathan’s former aide, Reno Omokri says blaming Governor Abdulaziz Yari solely for the total breakdown of law and order in Zamfara  state is out of line, as his powers are only in name and not action .

This was in reaction to a statement by foremost Nigerian journalist, Kadaria Ahmed during the #MarchforZamfara on Saturday at the presidential villa in Abuja.

Kadaria had described Gov Yari as the “worst governor in Nigeria’s history”, owing to his  gross inability to curtail the activities of armed bandits in the state – that have now led to the continued loss of lives of hundreds of Nigerians.

Well, Omokri says though Kadaria means no harm, it was wrong to solely blame gov Yari because he has no  “power over a single policeman?”, and that “Governors are Chief Security Officers in name only.”

He wrote: It is unfair for Kadaria Ahmed to blame the insecurity in Zamfara on Gov. Yari. I know she means well, but does Yari have power over a single policeman? Governors are Chief Security Officers in name only. We can’t blame them until we restructure Nigeria to allow for state police.


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