BIAFRA DAY: 5 Reasons Nigeria Must Offer An Unreserved Apologize To Igbo People – Fani Kayode

Biafra Day: Five Reasons Nigeria Must Offer An Unreserved Apologize To Igbo People - Fani Kayode

A former minister for aviation, Femi Fani Kayode, has called on Nigeria to tender an unreserved apology to the Igbo people of South East over the genocide, ethnic cleansing and mass murder which was meted on their people during the famous Biafra war which engulfed the region between 1967- 1970.

Fani Kayode who spoke via his Twitter handle further shared that over 3 million(1 million of them children) Biafran were slaughtered during the war.

He concluded by dropping the following as why Nigeria needs to apologize to the tribe:

  • This represents the greatest act of black on black genocide on the African continent in history. It is only surpassed, in terms of casualties, by the bestial acts of King Leopold 11 of Belgium when he and his subjects slaughtered 10 million Congolese during the colonial era..2/
  • Nothing can go right in Nigeria till a genuine and heartfelt expression of regret for what we did to the Biafrans is tendered by the leadership and people of our country and some form of restitution and compensation is made. The mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide that..3/
  • we are witnessing today in Nigeria and which is being inflicted on us by a callous, brutal, heartless, cold-blooded and wicked horde of strangers and homicidal maniacs that came from a foreign land 200 years ago is a spiritual consequence of what we did to the Biafrans in the war
  • The only way that the carnage and blood-fest can be stopped and the vicious and endless cycle of violence can be broken is when we repent for what we did to those innocent and defenseless Biafran civilians during the civil war and apologize for it.
  • Until then Nigeria will continue to wallow in blood, death, sorrow, failure, shame, poverty and carnage. Why? Because we are a nation under God’s judgement.



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