‘Blame Church For Blessing Okoro’s Arrest’ – Daddy Freeze Reacts

Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze, has attributed a portion of the blame for the arrest of Instagram blogger, Blessing Okoro, over false claims.

Relationship blogger, Okoro Blessing was arrested hours ago by Onye Eze, the billionaire owner of the house she claimed to have built.

The blogger confessed, while on handcuffs, that the house is not hers and that she just went to take a picture.

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Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has reacted to her arrest with caption;

Even if she is wrong, I do not support putting a woman through this level of humiliation.

Join me today as I teach why the church is partly to blame for this.

Many pastors have made greed their creed, teaching greed as a replacement for need. Join me live in 15 minutes as I address this live on YouTube.com/daddyfreezeteaches

Daddy Freeze

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