Bus Driver found hanging on a tree after his bus killed 8 people

Bus Driver found hanging on a tree after his bus killed 8 people

A driver was discovered hanging on a tree after the bus he drove killed eight people in Welkom in Free State, South Africa, on Monday.

According to Free State police, the bus was travelling to Upington from Durban when his bus upturned along Alma road killing seven people instantly and one died later in hospital.

Provincial Spokesman, Brig. Motantsi Makhele revealed that three children and four females were among those who died in the fatal crash.

“People injured have been transported to various hospitals. The information we gathered from the scene is that the bus might have lost control and overturned on a circle,” he said.

The bus driver was later found hanging on a tree with a safety belt from his bus about 300 meters from the accident scene.

An inquest will be launched to ascertain the actual cause of death of the 32-year-old driver’s, Makhele said.

“He was found hanging, but we can’t conclude that he killed himself. A culpable homicide case and an inquest would tell us how he died,” he said.

The driver was said to have spoken to paramedics when they arrived at the scene according to the Health Department in the province.


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