Daddy Freeze Blasts Prophetess Who Thinks Christians Taking Fish Will Go To Hell

Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze, has reacted to a Nigerian Prophetess who said people can’t make heaven if they eat Titus and Vitamin C.

It was reported that the prophetess said vitamin C and Titus fish are gotten from the deep sea which is marine kingdom, and people who take such need deliverance before they can make heaven.

She further added that Vitamin C is not produced anywhere in the world.

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However Daddy Freeze who claims of one ‘can’t make heaven if you eat Titus and Vitamin C’ by the Nigerian prophetess, wrote on Instagram;

What an ignorant dingbat behind a pulpit….You can’t make heaven if you use vitamin C? You can’t make heaven if you eat Titus fish? WTF

Daddy Freeze


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