Eldee Slams Troll Who Entered His DM After Condemning ‘Yahoo Yahoo’

Veteran Nigerian rapper, Eldee has slammed a troll who entered into his DM on Instagram and told him to shut up and not comment on the activities of yahoo boys because he does not live in Nigeria.

Eldee earlier in the day had equated yahoo yahoo to armed robbery. No sooner had he written this the troll slid into his dm to tell him he has no right to speak about yahoo yahoo since he’s not in the country. The troll wrote;

My questions are, why did you run away from Nigeria? Why are you not living in Nigeria? If you going to say anything about this issue, you definitely must be a Nigerian living in Nigeria or else just STFU B-tch!!”

Eldee replied to the person who entered his DM, telling the troll that, he left Nigeria in order to save his children from being influenced by people like the troll. He wrote;

I left Nigeria because I didn’t want my children to be influenced by people like you and your kind.

I left in order to be able to hopefully save ye children, the ones whose future you are contributing to the destruction of, by being a fraudster.



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