Every hardworking HUSBAND material in Nigeria is a “40 seconds man”- Nollywood Actor To Tonto Dikeh

Every hardworking HUSBAND material in Nigeria is a "40 seconds man"-Nollywood Actor To Tonto Dikeh

Controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu, has asked actress Tonto Dikeh to look for a poor guy to marry as all hardworking husband material in Nigeria are 40 seconds men.

According to Uche who spoke via his Instagram page, he said poor men channel their strength to sex while the rich ones channel their strength to making money.

What he wrote:

@tontolet Every hardworking HUSBAND material in Nigeria is a “40 seconds man” so if you want MARRIAGE, POOR guys are still available…😀😀 Oh yes, poor men invest STRENGTH in SEX, while RICH men channel theirs into making MONEY…💰 @tontolet If you can MOCK a man who gave you a very HANDSOME and HEALTHY son like KING “a 40 seconds man”, don’t you think it would be nice to go for POOR husband materials?😀 @tontolet There is nothing morally wrong in a man asking a SINGLE mothers hand in marriage, even when she has had a BROKEN marriage in the past,😭 but which caring and loving MOTHER in Nigeria today will sit back and watch her WEALTHY son marry a woman who continuously MOCK, insult and ridicule the FATHER of her only child on social media?😀 Is that a sign of HEALING process or PROGRESS for such woman or a red flag for prospective suitors to run away?✈ @tontolet men are not FOOLS in Naija, and we support each other, any woman who can go as far as labeling the father of her child, “a 40 seconds man”🍌 is not only mocking Go but also DISRESPECTFUL to her son, because such alleged “40 seconds” is what produced him.😀 So @tontolet Which hardworking husband material in Nigeria will propose marriage after seeing all this?


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