GEJ’s time a bit better than Buhari’s – Omotola Jalade

GEJ's time a bit better than Buhari's - Omotola Jalade

Veteran Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade – Ekeinde says that Nigerians must not settle for a ‘one-eyed” because it’s better than a “blind”.

This follows her reaction to an apology issued by a Nigerian Facebook user, Halima Waziri, who apologised to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan — For criticising him in 2015. Especially since the ” President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration hasn’t lived up to expectation”.

However the actress was Nigerians deserve better, so hailing Jonathan because Buhari hasn’t done better isn’t right.

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She notes that though Jonathan’s time was better than now, it wasn’t the beat for Nigerians in anyways.

She wrote:

This in itself is a problem. There is Nothing to apologize for. That Administration was wasteful. Although it was a way better time than Now, it was not the best for Nigerians Anyway. We cannot want a one-eyed cause its better than a blind. We must value ourselves to want Full vision.


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