‘I am more passionate about having babies than getting married – Eva Alordiah

Nigerian female rapper Eva Alordiah has revealed she is more passionate about having kids than getting married.

Eva, made this known while reacting to a post by actress Juliet Ibrahim who had stated that men are jerks and are still being praised while a single mum gets all the insults available.

If a single mother is not in a relationship, regard- less of the reason; she’s always to blame, yet we give men praises for being adulterers and jerks so long as he’s “good to his kids” .

If a man doesn’t get “tagged” or “bashed” for actually being at fault for why a relationship ended, why isn’t the woman given the same leniency, even if why the relationship ended wasn’t her fault? Or maybe it was her fault but it was still for the best?
Telling my story soon enough. It’s about time.

Checkout Eva’s reaction below;

'I am more passionate about having babies than getting marry - Eva Alordiah