‘I No Gree Lucifer for My House’ – Stella Damascus

Nollywood actress, Stella Damascus has reacted to the tweet by gospel actor, Joshua Bamiloye, that devil is using the media to win souls.

The gospel actor had tweeted that the American TV series ‘Lucifer’ is an instrument used by the devil to make people admire him.

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Stella Damascus while reacting to the tweet, disclosed that her kids are not allowed to watch the ‘Lucifer’ movie series because it is quite a clever and subtle way of making people get used to him and also admire him.

She tweeted;

I had a conversation about this in my house weeks ago. Had to tell kids why they couldn’t watch it in my house or anywhere else. They understood and told their friends too. A clever and subtle way of getting one to get used to him and even admire. I no gree o..

Stella Damascus


  1. Ehay,Shay,Na devil or Lucifer go run away from the media,God has already take over the world/already devil is a deceivers,what I know those who served Lucifer aren’t,but me no way Jose,Luis gudon,many always confused because the want to be rich with their dangerous minded,mmm who thinks devil can give you something free,forget about devil ,talk about God who created us,and many turn up against him,Jesus Christ,who died on the cross of Calvary,it’s your chance to repent,okay can the social media,should be stop ✋,those who want it stp they are agent of Satan,and he stupid for deceiving people,God will soon appears for him,you better let my people go,Lucifer,just repent one more chance for God or millions chance,for God,heaven will open and the lights will shine on,and the darkness shall seek for a place to hide,but there’s no way ,let the darkest side allow the lights to came in,the reason why many bad things are happening,we allowed the dark side to overcome us,this why,Boko Haram,Terroris,Kipnappers,and many,Fake pastor,fake people,warning you can serve who want,but remember not to force me or others,hold one figure,if you dont want to repent.


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