“I screwed up” Patrick Doyle publicly begs wife, Ireti Doyle

Veteran Nollywood actor Patrick Doyle, estranged has issued a public apology to his estranged Ireti Doyle.

In what can be referred to as a good example for younger folks in marriage, the Nollywood actor in a Facebook post shared a very touching message to his wife, Ireti.

He wrote: “The last 15 years have been anything but smooth. Shortly after the passing of Rosamond Emechete, the mother of 3 of my sons, God sent me an angel who dried my tears at the lowest point in my life.”

“She showered my boys with the highest quality of care and ignored the taunting of “true friends” who queried what she was doing with a ‘broke ass’ like me. Frankly, if she was my sister, I would have asked her the same.

“Have I justified or honored her sticking with me through the thick and thin? The answer is a big resounding no. I’ve been most undeserving of the affection of this uncommon woman.

“Have I taken her Love for granted? You bet I have, why? because like most men, I am prone to being a jerk. I can not count how many times she picked up the slack when I failed in my duties as a husband and father. She has been the rock of our family.

“Lately, I had been unworthy of her affection and was deservedly put in the proverbial “dog house”. But she has with compassion taken me out of the “dog house” and reinstated all my rights and privileges.

“I know that at the back of her mind, she’s mentally preparing for my next “cock-up”. I hereby pledge that there shall never be another. Her days of an undeserving and underperforming partner are over.”

AN ODE TO A GREAT LADY, This is my tribute to a great Lady, my life has almost always revolved around strong women.

In 2017, Ireti shocked both fans and critics after the reason she no longer made a public appearance with her husband of 15 years.

There were reports that the “Wedding party” actress had moved out of the home she shared with Patrick and the kids.

When asked she said: “We’re busy people and you find that, in any given weekend, we’ve both been invited to three or four different events where people are expecting to see us. So we play it smart, we share it. If you’ve seen one you’ve seen the other.”


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