‘I struggled with being different for a while – Jim Iyke

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke has taken to social media to shed more light on his kind of person.

According to the actor, he has always struggled with his persona adding that he knew from the age of 12, he is quite different from every other person around him.

In his words;

I’ve been different all my life. It dawned on me firstly at 12 when all the guys wanted to play football and hang out together ( and I still dont like football). I just wanted to keep to myself, argue politics and humanity with my dad, watch TV endlessly and read books far beyond my age and mental assimilation. At first I struggled with it and struggled even more to fit in. Strenously running with the so called tailored social circles while my enthusiasm for life ebbed. But through the prism of my throes I found ways to hone it, own it and even unabashedly thrive by it. My difference strategically set my trajectory in life. It is evidently not designed to encompass everyone. Being different is often misunderstood by eyes afar; a severe price tag. But discerning eyes understands its potency and inevitability.
You cant choose who to love or love you back. But you can certainly choose who u make your way in life with.
Choose prudently.
Embrace your difference. It is the only rule. Your individuality and flair is your life long truth.
It is Monday. Quietly secure the bag.
Those that know knows.
This one is for all the misfits out there.
I embody my niche.